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Most major home improvements typically involve expanding and increasing the overall living space in a home. Home additions enhance the beauty and function of a home, and are a paramount to the satisfaction you’ll experience on a regular basis in your newly remodeled home. When you want to add significant living space, a home addition is the logical choice.

Whether you are considering building up, out or both, a new addition can add much-needed space as well as value to your home. It all begins with our design/build process where we see your project through from start to completion. After the project is complete, you will continue to experience our outstanding customer service with prioritized warranty calls to ensure your satisfaction. Below are ideas to jump-start your creativity. Let us know when you are ready to start yor project by using the quote button at the end of the page.

In-law Additions

You build these onto any side of your home, and they usually include a living room, kitchenette, master bedroom, bathroom, and closet. You should note that with these additions, you don’t just add one room—you double the size of your current home so that you can accommodate additional people.

Kitchen extension addition

As you might have guessed, you make additions to your kitchen to enlarge its size. According to home remodeling experts, a good kitchen addition can add up to 200 additional square feet to your kitchen or any exterior wall of your existing home to function as a room addition.

Two story extensions

These extensions are designed to enlarge a home with additional height/width but usually do not require the whole roof to be removed. The rooms inside the two-story extension depend on the size of the expansion and the desires of the customer.

Second story extensions

You should make this addition when you have one level, and you would like to add a second story to the house. During the addition, the professional has to remove the entire roof from home and add the second story extension. You should then follow the extension by adding another roof and other appliances such as air, HVAC, electrical and any other that you might need.

Bedroom Addition

You make this addition by building a bedroom onto an exterior wall of your liking, as long as the wall has a crawl space foundation. You should match the roofing and siding to your existing house.

Family room addition

Here the home addition design expert matches the roofing and siding to your current home. The expert builds the family room to the existing exterior wall of your choice.