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Transform your old out-dated bathroom into a relaxing paradise with Structurz. We will design, construct, and polish you new bathroom in a variety of styles from sleek modern to rustic splendor. We will set-up a design session where we can discuss your needs, budget, and style preferences, then fulfill your dreams quickly and effeciently. After looking through the various style examples below, contact us and you will be on your way to the new bathroom that you want and deserve.

Contemporary Style Bathroom

Clean lines, clutter-free expanses of open space, and minimalist adornment are all hallmarks of contemporary style bathrooms. Expect to see plenty of polished hardwood, metal accents, and a clean and simple color palette in this type of décor. Light and dark elements are often used together to create visual contrast. Simplicity is at the heart of contemporary styling, and the focus is on the details. Look closely for high-quality door pulls and knobs made from muted brushed metals in addition to countertops and flooring constructed from durable stone, wood, or tile.

modern Style Bathroom

Modern style bathrooms are bold, strong, and simple with clean and straight lines and an absence of clutter. Straight lines are a defining feature of modern styling bathrooms and are exhibited in countertops, sinks, and even artwork. Top quality materials such as stone, porcelain, teak, and marble are common elements of modern design, in addition to small pops of color from art or fresh greenery.

eclectic Style Bathroom

Eclectic styling is inclusive of a little bit of everything. A carefully curated collection of design elements comprises the décor of the eclectic bathroom. Expect the unexpected in these types of settings. A fleur-de-lis pattern in an unexpected yellow or perhaps a sparkling crystal chandelier with gold patina accenting. Unusual color choices and a mix of textures, materials, and finishes are common in this style.

traditional Style Bathroom

Traditional style bathrooms emphasize comfort, functionality, and practicality. Classic colors punctuate this design setting. Polished wood, complementary colors, and the usage of glass, tile, and marble are all integral parts of traditional bathrooms. Typically neutral in tone, traditional bathrooms are comfortable, relaxing, and inviting.

transitional Style Bathroom

Transitional style bathrooms encompass the best of both worlds in that the style utilizes both old and new design elements. Wood, stone, glass, and exotic finishes are not uncommon in these types of bathrooms. Unique details such as patterned floors, dark-finished metals, and artisan door handles will all find a place in the Transitional style décor scheme. Transitional styling aims to achieve both functionality and practicality alike.

rustic Style Bathroom

The Rustic style bathroom is similar to the Craftsman style, as well as the country and farmhouse style. An abundance of wood is seen in Rustic styling, with an emphasis on raw and organic finishes. Craftsmanship is an imperative part of this decor, as durability is one of the main aims of Rustic style construction. Expect hardy materials along with plenty of handcrafted artisan touches that are top quality and simplistic in their design.

Craftsman Style Bathroom

Craftsman styling places a significant emphasis on artisanal and handcrafted wood period pieces with high levels of details and accents. Craftsman style cabinetry is a great example of the kind of intricate detailing that is so readily abundant in this style. Quality and durability are the aims of a Craftsman bathroom. Design components tend to be of exceptional quality and may include granite, glass, and metal detailing.

mediterranean style bathroom

Mediterranean style master bathrooms are brimming with opulent details. Woven rugs in rich colors adorn the floors or walls. Natural colored tile is accented by rich, dark brown wood, and luxurious metal detailing. Textures, lighting, and generous amounts of bold contrasting colors define the Mediterranean styled bathroom in a signature fashion. The overall look and feel of the setting are distinct with Greek and European undertones throughout the space.